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Friday, October 9, 2009

Limbaugh Shakes Up St. Louis but can he get a fair shake?

The ink had yet to dry on the bid put forth by Rush Limbaugh and Dave Checketts and to nobody’s surprise there was an uproar amongst the hateful and just plain uninformed. The double standard in today’s society showed its ugly face yet again. In predictable fashion, players around the league began to distance themselves from the Rams organization with one player in particular calling Rush a jerk and vowing never to play for a Rush Limbaugh owned organization. What rang loud and clear is this despicable notion that rush is a racist and that it would be difficult to attract black players to the team. This “Rush is a racist” rant has gone on for years and to be bluntly frank is completely false and has gotten plain boring at this point. It boggles my mind how conservatives can’t escape this stigma yet an admitted former kkk member can avoid it altogether and coincidentally enough representing the party that points the finger. What I have come to find out unfortunately is an admitted former drug dealer is more accepted in today’s world, than a conservative republican. Case in point, rapper Shawn “jay-z” carter is a co-owner of the New Jersey nets. He also is in fact an admitted former drug dealer whose songs promote drugs, robbery and murder. These topics though went unannounced as he was the team’s lone representative at the 2008 draft lottery. Unlike Rush, his involvement with the organization was celebrated and encouraged by many players around the league. As has been for Dallas Mavericks owner Marc Cuban. Must we not forget this is the same Marc Cuban who supported the filth known as loose change. In this DVD, the horrifying events of 9/11 were blamed not on terrorist but on this very country. In stories that are as idiotic as they are false, it is said that the United States planned and carried out this horror on their own. Like something out of a Hollywood back lot, remote control planes were used. Real people’s lives were lost and just the very mention of a theory like this is disgraceful and disrespectful to the still grieving families. Marc Cuban also funded a movie titled Redacted. This film tells the story of a 14 year old Iraqi girl raped, murdered and burned along with her family by U.S. soldiers. Of the many heroic stories told by the soldiers of our country, this is the one that interested him. Stories like these are in fact the minority in Iraq, but are told for a specific reason. To shift the blame to us Americans and fuel the fire of hatred for this country. Even with these connections, Marc Cuban attempted to buy the Chicago Cubs. Not only a franchise, but one of the most storied franchises in all of sports. Despite his checkered past his bid was welcomed. Just as recently as last year Mr. Cuban has had run ins with controversy. He got in a heated argument with the mother of a player and even went as far as calling her son a “thug”. Now think to yourself, if Rush used this word it would become a race issue would it not? Cuban can use this word and it just be classified as a characterization. The double standard remains clear. Here’s to Rush in st. Louis! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Playing politics with our troops lives...

Yes that is exactly what our President is doing...
There was a report out that the President summoned General Stanley McChrystal aboard Air Force One on his recent trip to Coppenhagen, which by the way was a complete disaster and an embarrasment for Mr. Obama. The Olympics were awarded to Brazil. Anyway this meeting was set up because Obama was upset that the General went public regarding our issues in Afghanistan during a recent speech in London. McChrystal has asked for more troops in Afghanistan for weeks now. He seems to understand that there should be a sense of urgency here. Obama on the other hand has shown the leadership of a caboose. While our young men and women are putting their lives on the line Mr. Obama is playing politics here. The kooks on the left who have taken over the Democratic Party will not allow him to uphold the oath he took to protect this country. He ran on a platform that he would end the war in Afghanistan. The kooks elected him and he owes them all of this political capital. My friends if you remember they wanted to shove this healthcare government option down our throats. There was a sense of urgency to pass this without the public educating themselves on what was in the bill. Now that there should be a sense of urgency because we are talking about the lives of our sons and daughters the president wants to discuss this further with his advicers. My friends the General should be his advicer. Who do you trusts more with the lives of our fighting men and women? Some life long political hack sitting in Washington or our military leaders who are on the ground? It is outrageous and despicable. Recently in an interview General McChrystal said that he had spoken to Obama once the last 70 days. Here is a man who is willing to sit with Ahmadinejad the Holocaust denier without any pre-conditions but does not have any time to meet with his Generals. People you better wake up, this man is dangerous to the survival of out great nation the way we all know it. You will wake up and wonder what happened to our beloved country.Stay tuned...

Monday, October 5, 2009

Charles Rangel...double standard

By the way why is Charles Rangel still the chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee? Why is Nanci Pelosi quiet on this? The Democratic leadership has no morals. There are no rules when it comes to their leaders. She was so upset when Joe Wilson shouted "YOU LIE" to the President and demanded an apology. This is a serious matter with Rangel yet she looks the other way. Our state run media does the same. Have you seen any reports on this story from the so called main stream media? We need to vote all of these idiots out of office, dems as well as republicans. Uphold our constitution.
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