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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Empty Suits Stand Together

Can you believe this? I have never heard before a President of the United States stand side by side with a foreign leader and criticize the laws of this country. This man has no shame. As he said this newly passed anti-illegal immigration law passed in Arizona was a "misdirected effort" after Calderon referred to it as discriminatory.

This administration has no regards for what the people of this great nation want. 70% of Americans actually support this legislation yet our President stands there and again and again lies about the true content of this law. Just like the health care debate where the majority of Americans rejected it he again goes against the will of the people.

Then we have President Calderon himself who can't even run his own country telling us what kind of laws we should pass. He comes to our house and is dictating to us how to run our beloved country. Mr. Calderon this is our country. Keep out of our business. Go back home and deal with your own mess.

If I was to break the Mexican immigration laws which by the way are a lot tougher in Mexico I would be thrown in jail. Yet he can come over here and stand right next to this empty suit and criticize the will of the people and get away with it.

Folks this is our President, instead of standing with us he chooses to kiss ass and again betray his people. But we all know his agenda so this should not surprise anyone.

On the other hand we have Eric Holder our Attorney General. We have one of the most important issues on the table and he claims he has not read the law. The leading man in law enforcement in this country and he has not read the law. Do you believe this? This is definitely the most incompetent administration in this country's history.
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