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Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009


On to the next subject...Health care reform is done and it will not pass.
Getting real Conservatives elected in our 2010 elections should be our focus. That is the subject of the day. Conservatives that will abide by our Constitution. Our Tea Party movement is here to stay. Washington, whether a Democrat or a Republican you are in our line of sight. We will send you home away from the luxuries you enjoy in DC. We are done with you. And then we will focus on driving this administration out of office.

Obama we do not agree with your policies. You are a disgrace. You will be a one term president (not in capital letters). You do not belong up there with the best this country has had to offer. Keep bowing and apologizing to World Leaders. As you bow we will kick you in the rear end on the way out.

I am sick and tired of you ignoring the will of the people. You work for us. The polls are telling you that we do not care for your health care bill but this does not matter to you. Your philosophy of turning this into a Socialist state is rejected by the masses. History tells us that your ideas have been promoted in the past and they have failed.

Like Rush Limbaugh said "I hope you fail."

"I love my country."

This is coming from an informed Hispanic/Latino, whatever you want to call me. I am an American first.

I wish he would read this. I know my rights.


This health care bill sucks

I am not going to say anymore about this. If you Americans cannot figure this out, plainly said "This health care bill sucks." I am done with this subject. It is out there my friends. You figure it out for yourselves because I've done my part. Obama does not care what is on this health care bill. He does not care what you think. He wants it passed. The hell with what you may think. It does not matter to him. I'm done.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Powerful Words on the theory of Global Warming

Please listen to this entire clip on Global Warming.
You'll Love it.

Elect Conservatives over Republicans

As I wrote on Sunday's post I spoke about the phenomenon that is the Tea Party movement. Americans are fed up with our Republican Party drifting to the left and becoming more like the Democrats. It is very hard to find any differences between the two main political parties in this country today.

Instead of focusing on limited Government, a strong defense and lower taxes which is what the Reagan Doctrine represented they are practicing the opposite in Washington, DC. This philosophy being practiced by our Legislators in our Nation's Capital has been practiced before and has failed every time.

Let us remember that a free market economy is what made this country great. We must elect Conservatives to Congress who are going to listen to the concerns of the American people who are tired of the reckless spending and borrowing going on right now with no end in site. This is mortgaging our future in order to buy votes.

This is why there is a movement now by some of our more Conservative leaders in Congress to endorse the Conservative candidate  instead of the Republican  on the ticket. There are many good Conservative candidates on the rise and Americans are demanding to be heard. We will take our country back.

Your comments are greatly appreciated.

Listen to the video below.
Ashley Martella, a Newsmax TV Correspondent interviews South Carolina Senator  Jim Demint on this very issue.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Tea Party on the Rise

Is a third Party on it's way? Can the Republican Party embrace this political phenomenon? Are the Republican leaders going to start listening to the concerns of the people? This movement is on the rise and the leadership of the Republican Party better wake up.

Instead of embracing this grass roots movement the leadership of the GOP is thinking up ways to defeat them and this is going to cost them. These are hard working Americans united against what they see as a Party who has left them. They did not bolt from the party but instead are being slowly shunned out.

Republicans better realize that they cannot win elections without the support of this wing of the GOP. Past elections have proved this time and time again. Whenever we run on Conservative principles the victory has been overwhelming. Just take a look back at the Reagan Revolution as well as the days when Newt Gingrich and his Contract with America changed the political landscape of this country.

Those days are long gone and the present leadership of the GOP is slowly destroying those gains. They have taken the Party of Reagan to a party with no new ideas, no leadership and no principles.

There is not much difference between the two major parties today. Both parties refuse to listen to the concerns of ordinary Americans. We are fed up and will elect politicians who will be willing to stand on principles and abide by the Constitution.

We need term limits in this country in order to get rid of these career politicians who stand in the way and are there to enrich themselves without any regards to the wishes of the masses.

If the Republican Party and it's leadership had any brains they would welcome this new leadership with open arms as they may hold the key to it's very survival.

Please comment and let me know your thoughts.

Great Tea Party here

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