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Friday, May 7, 2010

Cinco de Mayo Outrage

So the outrage continues from the Liberals out there.
By now most of you have heard how five kids from a California High School were sent home for wearing t-shirts displaying the American flag on May 5th.

It is a common misconception among the non-Mexican community in the United
States to mistake Cinco de Mayo, or May 5th, with the Mexican Independence Day.
It is not, the Mexican Independence Day is a major holiday in Mexico, the celebration
begins every September 15th at 11 pm. As a matter of fact Cinco de Mayo is hardly celebrated in Mexico. It is a holiday created by the beer companies to sell more of their Coronas. That is it nothing more.

Back in 1862 the French fought the Mexican army in a town called Puebla. It was a minor battle. That is it nothing more.

Now to my point. It is our constitutional right to wear the American flag 365 days a year, 52 weeks a year 24/7 all day long any day of the week. These kid's constitutional rights were violated when they were told by a brain dead Assistant Principal, Miguel Rodriguez to turn their shirts inside-out. They were told not to return to class so they had no other choice but to go home for the day. These kids do not check their constitutional rights at the door when they enter the school facility. Mr. Rodriguez there is something called, freedom of speech. Mr. Rodriguez it is the first Amendment of OUR Constitution, just in case you did not know.

I can bet you any amount of money that if some kids showed up in school on July 4th wearing Mexican shirts they would not be treating them this way. Instead we would be talking about diversity and all the other mumbo-jumbo that comes out of the brain dead Liberal frame of mind.

If there were Latino students that were offended by this then too bad, you're on American soil. Enough said.

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Media Bias Continues...Tea Party vs. Illegal Immigration

And the bias in our state run media continues.
It should not come as a surprise to those of us who are informed the lack of coverage from the state run media on the violence that has erupted at the various protests held by the illegal immigrant population that opposes the new law regarding illegal immigration just passed in Arizona. Rallies held throughout the country have turned violent.

In Santa Cruz protesters turned violent and vandalized many businesses in the area. They marched carrying makeshift torches, breaking storefront windows and writing "anarchist graffiti" on buildings. Many businesses sustained multiple broken windows including very large storefront windows at Urban Outfitters and The Rittenhouse building. At one point, protesters lit a fire on the porch of Caffe Pergolesi and blocked access to firefighters, officers said.

In San Francisco thousands of protesters also turned out to protest Arizona's new law.

In San Jose they turned violent once again as a group of illegals assaulted 3 people who were part of the Minutemen demonstration, a group in favor of Arizona's new immigration law.

Yet how much coverage have you seen of these atrocities on the network news? Not enough.

Now compare that to the coverage that we got night in and night out for days on these same network programs as they demonized the peaceful Tea Party demonstrations without any evidence of any wrongdoing. There were allegations of the "N" word being used as well as of spitting on the face of a congressman. All lies. As a matter of fact Nance Pelosi and the rest of her despicable colleagues tried to instigate the peaceful protesters by walking across the street where they were assembled, to no avail.

These were average Americans of all ethnic backgrounds as well as political affiliation united to protest their dismay for where this administration wants to take this country. No violence, no hatred, just pissed off Americans who have had enough.

Yet the state run media continues to do what they do best, spread their hate filled propaganda against the hard working people of this country who peacefully oppose President Obama.

Which reminds me, "Mr. President stop attacking Israel for building communities in their own land while Iran is building a nuclear weapon," you have shown the leadership of a caboose when it comes to this matter.

I was amazed at the videos of the violent demonstrators that I saw on Fox News. I am a Latino and could not believe it. Only in this country can criminals that have broken the law assemble in protests and demand rights that they do not have. It is unbelievable.

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