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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Two Empty Suits Stand Together

Can you believe this? I have never heard before a President of the United States stand side by side with a foreign leader and criticize the laws of this country. This man has no shame. As he said this newly passed anti-illegal immigration law passed in Arizona was a "misdirected effort" after Calderon referred to it as discriminatory.

This administration has no regards for what the people of this great nation want. 70% of Americans actually support this legislation yet our President stands there and again and again lies about the true content of this law. Just like the health care debate where the majority of Americans rejected it he again goes against the will of the people.

Then we have President Calderon himself who can't even run his own country telling us what kind of laws we should pass. He comes to our house and is dictating to us how to run our beloved country. Mr. Calderon this is our country. Keep out of our business. Go back home and deal with your own mess.

If I was to break the Mexican immigration laws which by the way are a lot tougher in Mexico I would be thrown in jail. Yet he can come over here and stand right next to this empty suit and criticize the will of the people and get away with it.

Folks this is our President, instead of standing with us he chooses to kiss ass and again betray his people. But we all know his agenda so this should not surprise anyone.

On the other hand we have Eric Holder our Attorney General. We have one of the most important issues on the table and he claims he has not read the law. The leading man in law enforcement in this country and he has not read the law. Do you believe this? This is definitely the most incompetent administration in this country's history.


  1. Hi Joey, I heard your call to the Tom Marr show.I'm a 59 yr old Constitutional Conservative, white, former firefighter. I'm a Reagan/Palin Conservative.
    Thank you, dear Patriot, for your principled stand.
    I am sick over the divisive tactics of the New (Marxist) Democrat Party. I fear, no, I believe, that their agenda is the absolute destruction of the America that I love. They literally stand against, and despise, everything that I hold dear, such as the Constitution, national defense, sanctity of life, God, patriotism, morals, and principles.
    They have rabble roused the black and Latino minorities to hate me and our country.
    I've been on the political front lines since I first "woke up" in early '08.
    To know of you gives me hope. Thank you.

  2. Bruce I have posted your comment on my blog. I thank you for taking the time to visit my blog. It is very hard like I said on the show to get the word out when you have no name recognition. I also love this country. This administration will transform this beloved country of ours into a socialist state unless we prevail, and we will. I thank you for your service to this country as a former firefighter. You put your life on the line every single day for total strangers while your family sat home day in and day out wondering if you would come home. Well you did come home. Together we hope that people can wake up and also come home when they hear our call. Please keep up the fight and when you get a chance keep reading my blog. We are firefighters of a different kind now. Let us together put out the Liberal fire and let's take our country back.

  3. Hi Joey,

    I'm an American of mixed racial heretage, and like Lloyd Marcus, I deplore hyphenations. When asked about race, I say proudly "American", or American MUTT, for that is what I am. With the diversity in the United States, people of ALL races must get over the Race Issue, and become "UNHYPHENATED AMERICANS" first and foremost. Race Baiting by all sides is counter productive. America has always loved its diversification, and why shouldn't we. From the Irish we all love Saint Patricks Day, and we are all Irish for the day. From the Italians, and Latinos we enjoy their rich heritage of food, Columbus Day and Cinco de Mayo, (which isn't even a holiday in Mexico). Americans who are of Black Heritage give us Soul. Native Americans give us all a love and identity with the "Natural World" in our Country. There is not a diverse group in this Country that doesn't have something to offer the whole, so why not enjoy it, and each other?

    That said, the whole can't continue to support those that want a "Free Ride" regardless of their Racial Heritage. Americans must work for the good of the whole, as a group, not race by race. Immigration is good, new diverse peoples who want to be here, want to be Americans, want to become part of the whole are very welcome. Those that think differently, or steal into our land Illegally, need not apply,.

    La Raza, Raza, (the Race) mystifies me, as a person of mixed heritage. Exactly which "Race" are they referring to? There is no Latino Race, as latino's are a mix of many races themselves, and not all the same, depending on their Country of origin.

    Children in Arizona and the American Southwest study Raza, (Race) and apparently they are being taught Insurrection in the process. Is this something that should be taught in American Schools? Honesty in History, heck Yes,, Insurrection NO! The supporters of this movement (La Reconquista's) are fomenting Insurrection in our Country, racial hatred, and are NOT working for the good of the whole, and therefore I dispise them, and their message. If we are all to support our races,, just "Which" race are we supporting? Which race should I support, of the 3 that are in my heritage? What about the President of the U.S., he is bi-racial?

    This is crazy folks,,, common sense must prevail, hatreds put aside, diversity honored but unified in the "Whole",, the American Race!

    The LAW of the United States of America must be honored by all peoples in our vast diverse racial makeup. As we honor that law, we can't support any kind of Immigration, but LEGAL IMMIGRATION!

  4. I've been on the political front lines since I first "woke up" in early '08. To know of you gives me hope. Thank you.


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