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Monday, November 23, 2009

A Conservative view of the trials...

  I came across this comment on my friends blog. Click on the link for the entire story. This reader could not have said it better. My conservative view of this entire debacle is simple. As I commented on her blog I think Judge Judy would do a far better job than some ACLU favoring left wing lunatic Judge. How could Holder and Obama see it any different? It's easy. They hate this country of ours. Their Liberal views will destroy everything that has made this country GREAT. Conservatives in America must rise and take this country back in 2012. My fellow Americans our liberties are eroding fast. Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Schumer, Rangel, Holder and the rest of these clowns need to get their PINK SLIPS soon.

This is common sense which is foreign to the KOOL AID drinking crowd who supports this administration.
These BUBBAS AMERICANS who sit home and watch Jerry Springer and American Idol should be ashamed of themselves. They will continue to put party first instead of country. This is shameful. We could have Albert Einstein running on the Republican ticket and PeeWee Herman running for the Dems and you know who the hell these people would put in office.

On the other hand I will say this now and I am willing to take the heat that will follow.
African Americans loved the Clinton administration before this empty suit called Obama showed up at the last Democratic Convention. I will never and I repeat never believe that African Americans voted for this man for any other reason than the color of his skin. If this guy had been white they would have elected Hillary in their primary. Tell me, what did this guy have to offer? You mean to tell me that this HOPE and CHANGE bull???? really won them over? Do not insult my intelligence. I am pissed off and will not sit back and allow these idiots (liberals) to destroy this country that I love.

Please feel free to comment...

Backward Trials – Les Lawrence 11-17-09
Why has the media missed the trial contradictions? The Fort Hood trial involves a Muslim American terrorist in a military tribunal. The New York trial involves a foreign terrorist given a civilian trial with all the rights of a US citizen. What is wrong with this picture? The effect of this inversion of rights, benefits Islam in both cases. Much of the Fort Hood case will be private, thus not exposing the Islamist ideology of Hassan. The New York situation, on the other hand, will be a media circus for years. The danger is that it will be a bully pulpit for the most radical Muslim propaganda, and worse, an exceptional opportunity to recruit home grown terrorists. Furthermore, it will be a political punching bag of the Bush administration and the CIA. Just as President Obama’s unprecedented bows to the Saudi King and the Japanese Emperor, the United States is bowing to Islam via these trials.


  1. Joey

    I consider myself somewhat savvy about nztional politics, but the Obama phenomenon and Black people really amazes me. Blacks, did not support Obama in the beginning. They were all for Hillary Clinton. So I chided my Lib friends to get under their skin, "Why are you supporting the White woman over the brother?"

    They hated that!

    But nobody took Barack seriously until he won Iowa. Overnight Blacks leapped off of Hilliary and on Barck. All that Bill Clinton and the first Black president went out the window. I don't think he was totally because he was Black either. It's because he's a Democratr first and foremost. But, ehat surprised me is how quickly they abandoned the Clintons.

  2. Thanks for your comment Samuel. Yes I agree with you because those same people would not support Michael Steele here in Maryland when he ran for the Senate against Ben Cardin. Steele being a Black Republican running against Ben Cardin a White man on the Dems ticket. Of course they will never vote for a Black Republican. That is why I mentioned PeeWee Herman. But I think we can agree that if the same message was preached to them by a White Barack they would have gone with Hillary. Yes he had to be a Democrat first but in the primary they went with him over Hillary because of his skin color. Now if Barack had been White and won the primary with the same message Blacks would not have come out in the numbers they did during the National elections. Of course we had a weak ticket with the inept McCain at the top but if Barack had been a Caucasian the Election would have gone to the wire or much closer.


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