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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Impeachable Offense?

Joe Sestak? Do you know the story? If you watch the so called main stream media you probably do not. I will inform you.

Joe Sestak is a Democratic congressman from Pennsylvania. He was running in a Democratic primary against Arlen "Spectator" Specter for the Democratic nomination in Pa.
He claims that the White House offered him a top job in the administration if he would drop out of the race against Mr. Specter leaving this former Republican disgrace as the Democratic nominee.

This is a crime my friends. Have you heard much about it from the so called main stream media? I doubt it.

The double standard here is evident. If this had happened under the Bush administration you would be sick of hearing the stories night in and night out.

But this is Obama, their darling, too big to fail.

Joe Sestak has said repeatedly that he spoke honestly when he was asked the question. The question was, "Were you offered a top level job by this administration to quit the primary race against Arlen Specter?"

To this day his reply has not changed. Now you tell me. Why is the main stream media not covering this? Why has Eric Holder said that he will not assign a special counsel to investigate these charges?

I'll tell you why. Because if they do investigate they will find out that Chicago thug politics is alive and well.

My friends this is not only the most incompetent administration in the history of this country. It is also the most corrupt.

Shame on every single one of you who keep defending this man. America will never be the same again if we give this man another four years.

Let us send a message in November and then in 2012 let us have the real CHANGE that this country really needs. Enough is enough.



  1. It's going to be kinda fun watching this unfold. Put Bill Clinton into the equation and we get a whole new story.
    This just gets better every day, it's better than watching As The World Turns! These loony tunes think that we are so dumb we will believe anything they throw at us. Sestak said it very clearly, he was offered a job by the White House! Bubba is NOT a member of the White House.
    Bill Clinton doesn't have the authority to offer positions in Obamas White House. We all know that!!
    So they needed a day or so for all of them to get their story (or their LIES) lined up. That's why Obama said at the press Conference, "The fact will be released in a day or two"
    Get used to saying "President Joe Biden"

  2. Sestak said it very clearly, he was offered a job by the White House! Bubba is NOT a member of the White House.


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