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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Israel Won't Apologize for Raid...

Nor should he have to. Fortunately Israel has a leader who is willing to uphold the rule of law without apologies. Unlike our President, Netanyahu will defend his people at any cost. He is willing to secure his borders and will not back down from political pressure. That is more than I can say about our Commander in Chief. Like him or not he has shown the will time and time again to fight against the evil that wants to eliminate Israel from the face of the Earth.

As he put it in his own words, "This wasn't a love boat. This was a hate boat." "I regret to say for many in the international community, no evidence is needed. Israel is guilty until proven guilty."

A number of nations have condemned Israel for using deadly force, killing nine activists, aboard one of the six boats in the flotilla Monday.

And as usual the response from President Obama was one of caution. This man cannot take a stance on anything without an investigation because he is definitely not qualified to do this job. Shame on those who elected this man to the highest office in the land with absolutely no resume.


  1. Netanyahu is the man plain and simple.

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  2. The Obama administration continues to push Israel under the bus.

    Last week, it agreed to language in the final outcome document of the United Nations’ Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty Review Conference that mentions only Israel – not Iran - in the context of demanding a nuclear-free Middle East. And at the UN Security Council this past weekend, the Obama administration sided with Israel’s enemies in putting Israel on the defensive over its blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.
    Obama has disgraced our Nation and the blame is equally shared by every fool who voted for him,
    ignorance is no excuse. Support Israel, do everything you can to aid them, engender business,
    give charitable donations, write letters, take to the streets in protest, do something helpful.
    The UN should be torn down and the rubble dumped in the leaking oil well and set on fire.

  3. Trestin read Mr.Ward's comment, I loved it.

    Bill you are soooo right on the useless UN.
    I personally attend rallies pro-Israel as well as anti-illegal immigration. I cannot understand how the Dems keep receiving the Jewish vote. Obama got 74%.

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  5. Few things are as white and black as this "peace flotilla" of leftist sycophants attempting to "re-supply" the Gaza Strip; an area that, compared to any other Third-World (or even Second-World!) country, is swimming in supplies. Yet, the peace flotilla is a simple question and deserves a simple answer.

    Quite simply, is international relations going to be determined by lone groups of fanatics? Is American and Israel relations going to be dictated by a flotilla funded by a Turkish front that if located in the United States would've been closed down long ago for mob-like money laundering tactics? After watching the Progressives thumb their collective noses at the "cowboy diplomacy" of Reagan and the two Bush's, is the world really going to watch while they erupt into a religious frenzy of self-congratulations at their inability to conduct foreign policy like adults?

    The answer is, quite simply, no.

    Israel deserves better from this administration, and most definitely from the international community.

  6. As a long-time opponent of Open Borders and Illegal Aliens, I have supported NumbersUSA and the efforts of groups to have English designated as the "Official Language" of our government, State or Federal.

    We must take strong action now to purge ourselves of the blight in D.C. -- Specifically, it is time to eliminate life-long politcos from power!

  7. I'm glad that you represent strongly for the Gipper. I've got his classic 1981 inauguration speech posted on my blog today.

    It's good to see another Reagan conservative of color in the blogosphere.

    I'll be following..

    -Super Patriot


  8. Obama administration sided with Israel’s enemies in putting Israel on the defensive over its blockade of Hamas-controlled Gaza.


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