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Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Great One...

Truly "THE GREAT ONE" is special to us conservative listeners. To the Democratic kooks on the left he seems angry. To his listeners he is a whisper in the wind. I cannot agree more with his views. Mark Levin is very passionate about where this administration is taking us. His book Rescuing Sprite was an inspiration to those of us that have lost a wonderful pet. It really helped me get through some of the pain. You see we had an English Mastiff named Gator. He started getting epilepsy seizures since he was 4 months old. We spent thousands of dollars trying to control his seizures to no avail. These attacks were happening every 7-8 days. Most of the times we were home but I am sure there were times we were not. Imagine a 225 lb. dog falling over and foaming from the mouth for 20-30 minutes. When he was getting over it he would walk it off but blindly. He was now on his feet but would walk into whatever was in his way. It was sad to see. There were times when he was home alone and I would be somewhere in Virginia. I would call my wife and tell her "honey I am going home because I feel like Gator is having a seizure." Sure enough when I arrived he was. We had a special bond. I remember when we first brought him home at 8 weeks from the breeder in Leesburg, Va., he laid on my wife's lap in the back seat. Well that is the same way he left us. That evening we had gone bowling. We bowled a few games and I told my wife that I felt that Gator was having a seizure. We left and sure enough he was. It was around 8:00pm on Jan. 28th 2009 when we arrived at home. He went in and out of his seizures till about 2:00am Sunday morning. We used a blanket as a stretcher and rolled him onto it. We headed to the Emergency Clinic in Catonsville, Md. On the way there he took his last breath in the back seat on my wife's lap. He was only 4 years old and is now in puppy heaven running around with Sprite and looking down on us. That following week I had a business trip to Chicago. I rode a shuttle with another passenger to the hotel. I was crying and shared my experience with this total stranger. We went our separate ways. At about 8:00pm there was a knock on my door. It was this total stranger with a copy of Rescuing Sprite for me.
Folks there are still good people in this world. Those people we respect and treat them with kindness. On the other hand the terrorists who want to kill us must die on the battlefield.

Mark Levin loves this country with passion. So do I. I want to join him and the other conservative voices in keeping this administration from destroying the institutions that have made this country great.

Please go out and purchase Liberty and Tyranny by Mark Levin it is a must read. Stay tuned...

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