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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Still no troops...

It is close to 60 days and our President is still playing politics with our men and women in harms way. He is still thinking about whether to send additional troops to Afghanistan or not. Just like it took him months to decide what kind of dog to get for the White House. This is much more serious than that but his hands are tied by the kooks on the left. I heard rumors last night that he may send half of the troops (20,000) requested by General McChrystal. He appointed this General himself relieving the General that was in charge before. He said McChrystal would bring a new strategy. He has but Obama is not listening because of the upcoming elections on Nov.3rd where there are close races in NJ and Virginia. Two pivotal states he must carry in 2012. Some of you of the opposing view will say, " Some is better than nothing, you Republicans are never satisfied." That is a moronic statement to make. Your experts on the ground advice you they need an additional 40,000 troops. That is what they are there for, to lead and make those decisions. Yet our president who has never run a candy store wants to dictate to our experts there how to manage this war. My friends if we are in this war we are there to win. Squash the enemy with full force and then get our troops home. So far this month of October we have lost 55 of our brave men and women. Our President does not care. If he did he would take the advice of our Generals. Our men and women are dying and this man has no strategy and when one is proposed by the experts he plays politics with their lives. He is not even communicating with his field Generals on an ongoing basis. If he cared he would be on the phone periodically with these men. How can a CEO of a corporation successfully manage his business if he does not hold meetings with his staff on a regular basis? He cannot, and that is what our Commander in Chief is doing, stay tuned...

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