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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Please keep Gibbs around...

This was probably one of the best replies this man has ever given to a question in the briefing room. No "umm,umm,umm" thoughout the entire 1.5 minutes. Why? Because it was all about nonsense and not a reply that required much thought. This man cannot articulate anything. President Obama has to be embarrassed by now. I am sure there have been discussions to replace him. Because after all they told us when he was hired that he was going to be the most articulate White House Press Secretary we had ever seen. Tony Snow would run circles around this guy. Mr. President please keep him around. It shows how you and the rest of your crowd is not up to the task. It shows how incompetent this entire administration is. He could have been a great tap dancer. No one can ever get a straight answer from this guy or anything that makes any sense. There are a lot of empty suits in this administration starting with the President himself...stay tuned...

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