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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Dithering Continues...

I know that I have written about this issue several times but it is very important to me. What is the delay now on sending additional troops to Afghanistan. Mr. President make your decision. This is not like choosing your White House pet. Our men and women are in danger and as you prolong this decision this is escalated on the battlefield. Either get them the additional help they need or bring them home. It is not right for our soldiers to keep putting their lives on the line when they do not have the help that our Generals have requested. President Obama spoke of a new strategy months ago. He replaced the acting General there with his own, General McChrystal. General McChrystal has requested the additional troops and our President is still undecided. What is it with this man that he finds it so difficult to take a stand. He took an oath to defend this country yet when it comes to national security he has always dithered. During press conferences when he is asked we cannot get a straight reply from him. Is this what we want from our President? Or would we prefer someone who can make a decision and stand by it regardless of how the political winds are blowing. Playing politics with such a crucial situation is outrageous and immoral. Our men and women need our complete support and they are certainly on the short end. What in the world is he doing in Asia when we have so many issues here to deal with. What nonsense is he taking care of in China? Who the hell cares? He better get his priorities straight. I have no idea when this man is on the job. He has taken more trips than his predecessors and has only been in office for close to a year. Air Force One is one big toy for him. When he is not out of the country he is on TV in campaign mode. Can someone please tell him that he has been elected and the elections are over. Mr. President please stay in your office and get some work done like the rest of us. Stop running away from the issues because they will be there on your return. I have no idea when this man works. I get up every morning and get the job done just like most Americans do. This man is living it up like a Rock Star. He is either on tour or performing on National TV. I am sick and tired of seeing his image on my tube day in and day out. Mr. President get to work like the rest of us and perhaps we can resolve some of these critical issues that our country faces TODAY. If not then we will got to work in 2012 and send you where you belong, to the unemployment offices. Stay tuned...

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