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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Going Rogue...

Sarah Palin is on her book tour and folks I have seen her on several of her interviews. This is the new Sarah Palin. My friends she sounds very confident speaking about the issues and believe it or not without the use of a teleprompter. Like her father said she has not retreated she is just reloading.This woman has been doing her homework and the so called main stream media is not going to have their way with her anymore. She sounds informed on the issues and very articulate. Unlike Robert Gibbs and  our teleprompter reading  President who cannot put a sentence together without the um, um ,um thing going. There is no hesitation on her part when replying to any question posed to her. I have seen her on several of her interviews and folks this is a strong woman ready to tackle the establishment. If she grew crowds during her campaign alongside the inept John McCain then this time around it is going to be greater. It was a learning experience for her on that campaign trail last year. This time around she is equipped with the confidence and grasp of the issues expected from our leaders. The Dems better watch out because the month of November has been a total disaster for this administration although you will not hear that from this state run media. This month has been a total debacle for them. From the economy to the Ft. Hood shootings to the decision to prosecute these terrorists in NYC to the health care debate, cap and trade, troops to Afghanistan, nuclear weapons in Iran and to add insult to injury another failed trip overseas, these people are lost. I did not think any administration could be as bad as Jimmy Carter's but these people are really out of their league. To the lame stream media they are the best thing since sliced bread and will continue to do their dirty work because to them Obama is too big to fail. That is why their viewers are fleeing and they have no credibility anymore with the American people. Just like a one legged man in an ass kicking contest they have been taking it from Fox News, a fair and balanced news network. Sarah please keep calling these people out and we will prevail. Please feel free to add your comments.Stay tuned...

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