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Monday, November 2, 2009

Mr. President, what's up with the troops?

I heard this morning that Obama is postponing sending additional troops to Afghanistan until at least November 11th. Coincidence? No. I then heard chief strategist David Axelrod say yesterday that Obama would make his decision within weeks. I have been warning you that his decision would not come until the Gubernatorial races in Virginia and New Jersey were official. That is sad. This decision should have been made a long time ago. General McChrystal advised the need for 40,000 additional troops two months ago. It is unfortunate that a decision of this magnitude would be tied to politics. His midnight trip to Dover Air Force Base to meet with our fallen men and women on their return home was just a photo op. If he truly cared for their well being then he would send them the help they need. Why all the cameras? President Bush used to do the same but in private. There were never any cameras around. He met with the families of our fallen heroes in private. He never used any of these occasions as a photo op. This President is still in campaign mode. Someone must tell him that he is now President and Commander in Chief and the election is over. He needs to stop campaigning take off the gloves and honor the oath he took to protect this country. Mr. Obama the campaign is over. Stop the photo ops and the many appearances on television and start governing. Stay tuned...

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