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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Healthcare Debate...

Here go the Dems again blaming the Republicans for standing in the way of this health care debacle. The Democrats own the House of Representatives, They do not need one Republican vote to pass the bill. The real problem is that they are fighting among themselves whether to have a Government option or not. They accuse the Republicans of obstruction but it is their own Blue Dog Democrats who are standing in the way. Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reed and others are all over the map on this one. They change their views according to how the wind is blowing. If you read the bill you will find a bunch of lies in there which is why they want to hurry up and pass it so that you do not learn what is in it. Do we need some sort of health care reform? Of course we do. But we do not need to revamp an entire system that for the most part most Americans want to keep for the sake of insuring a small part of our people. We can fix it without destroying the best health care in the world. Why do you think that people travel from all parts of the world to access our health care? If governement run helth care was so great then these people would be taken care of in their own coutries. Do not believe the numbers that the Democrats are throwing out there about the un-insured. They are counting illegals as well as young people who do not care to have health care right now. They claim there are 40 million un-insured, well the experts do not agree with that number. They also claim that oux tax dollars will not be used to pay for abortions. That is another big lie. These people could not run Cash for Clunkers and we are supposed to trust them with 1/7 of our economy. Vote these self serving elitists out of offiice.Ask every one of them if this program is so great are they willing to select it for themselves and their families.   Stay tuned...

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