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Friday, October 23, 2009

Still playing politics...

It's been 50 plus days and the Obama administration is still not committed to sending troops to Afghanistan. Instead he is still preoccupied with sending his troops to fight Fox News. My friends this is no time to play politics. Our sons and daughters are risking their lives over there. They are in harms way every single day and this administration just doesn't care. I'll give you my take on this. Obama may want to do the right thing but George Soros and the extremists on the left just won't let him. You see we have elections coming up and close races in several states. Two of those races are in Virginia and New Jersey. He is afraid that if he commits troops to Afghanistan before the elections Democratic turn out would decline. Like I said in a previous posting he owes a lot of political capital to these people. Therefore he is waiting till after the November elections before he makes a decision of any kind. That is despicable. We cannot lose this war or Afghanistan will become a major haven for terrorists once again. But if we are not fighting to win then we should just bring our troops home. Stay tuned...

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