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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rabbit ears...

Ok so now the Obama administration wants to decide for us which news networks are legitimate. A comment was made about Fox News not being a legitimate news network. The other state run media were warned not to follow Fox's lead. Fox is the only news network out there willing to ask this administration the tough questions. The rest of the State run media ( that is what they are ) MSNBC, NBC, CBS, CNN and ABC are just an extension of the Democratic Party. They have not reported on anything negative that has been going on. They have not spoken about Van Jones, all these Czars, the Acorn debacle, the refusal to listen to his Generals, and on and on. Fox has and this man has a problem with criticism. Any criticism of him angers him. He is wasting his energies fighting a war against Fox News instead of fighting the war in Afghanistan as his Generals have advised him. He has sent his troops against Fox News yet keeps postponing sending real tropps to Afghanistan. Like the dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela took over the media there Obama wants to do the same here. He wants to silence those with opposing views. My friends what happened to Freedom of Speech? Our liberties are being taken away slowly and some of you just don't get it. Stay tuned.

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