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Monday, November 30, 2009

Obama to announce troop surge...

Tomorrow night our Commander in Chief Barack Obama is finally going to address the nation on his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan. I guess he has thought it over enough and there is no getting around it. On this one he has been harassed so much by the Conservative coalition that he has finally given in. Like it or not we have forced his hand one more time. Those on the left like must be fuming right about now. The handling of this situation has been shameful.
He promised HOPE and CHANGE during his entire run for the presidency. Lets us HOPE that CHANGE is finally on it's way for the sake of our BRAVE men and women risking their lives on the battlefield.

This administration must get their priorities straight. We must keep this country safe and on the other hand we must get our economy back on track. This health care debate must take a back seat for the present time. I don't even want to discuss it right now because it is not a priority. What is a priority right now is that we do all that we can to protect our men and women in uniform and defeat this enemy.

Al-Qaeda must be defeated right now. We cannot let Afghanistan become a safe haven for these animals who do not respect human life.

I sure hope that in his address he makes this clear. We must have a winning strategy and nothing less. Our men and women in uniform deserve it. They need to know that this President and all the American People are behind their efforts regardless of political affiliation. I am sick and tired of the blame Bush crowd. We are already there and must do all we can for victory and nothing less.
We cannot leave this place until Afghanistan has a government and a military in place which can defend itself against all evil. I don't want to hear during his speech about an exit strategy or a timetable for victory. We cannot give the enemy the impression that we will cut and run or they will wait us out.

Mr. President I sure HOPE you CHANGE and show some leadership now that we need it most.

It's been months since help was requested by our Generals, click on the video below and please share your comments with our readers.


  1. You're rockin' it out, Joey! Excellent article and I cannot wait to hear Obama speak Tuesday!

    Long Live the Republic.

  2. Thanks Donald...
    Let's wait and see tonight but from past experience this guy wants it both ways. He will send troops and keep us conservatives quiet but at the same time he will announce his withdrawal in order to keep his friends on the left from completely deserting him. You see to this guy it is a BIG GAME and that is unfortunate. It is not about the troops being in danger but about maintaining his ratings/power. He will announce his exit strategy and the additional troops are not even there yet. I hope I am wrong and I'll admit to it if I am but he has proven that he cannot be trusted. Let's wait and see...

  3. whatever happened to the court hearing on Obamas citizenship?


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