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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Failure in our Justice System once again...

Huckabee? This man is a phony. Thanks to him John McCain won the Republican primary for President. Mitt Romney with Sarah Palin on the ticket would have stormed into the White House. If he would have dropped out (anyone with some decency would have)  we would have had an experienced, energetic and very promising ticket. Instead what did we get thanks to Huckabee? An old and boring candidate with no drive at all in McCain. The crowds were there only because Palin inspired them. But no, Romney was a mormon. Folks I was voting for a President and not a Pastor. I am an Evangelical Christian and already have a wonderful Pastor in my life. So what did he get after all of this? A TV that I promised myself I would NEVER watch.

Now his name has popped up again.
Huckabee man up and stop blaming others. The Pulaski County Prosecutor's office opposed Clemmon's parole in 2000 and 2004.

Thanks to the failure of our courts and people in government like yourself four of our finest are not going home to their families.

And we are supposed to trust them in bringing the 911 co-CONSPIRATORS to justice.

This is sickening. Please feel free to comment.

Watch his interview with O'Reilly...

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