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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

War Games?

 War Games? This is what it should not be. Timetables? We should have none right now.

"I told you so on yesterday's post."

I sat and watched Obama's entire speech last night and not once did he mention the word VICTORY or anything close to that. Why? Because again Obama read his teleprompter flawlessly but he could not come to terms with himself and upset the political fringe on the left. They own him. As a Conservative blogger I will call him out on this time and time again.

As I mentioned yesterday we cannot win a war if we are not fully committed to it and instead are worried about a timetable for withdrawal. For heavens sake how do we expect to gain the support of the locals there when the message sent to them was that if we do not take care of business quickly we will cut and run. Who in their right mind is going to turn on the Taliban knowing that as soon as our troops leave they will pay the consequences.

Obama set a timetable of 18 months. In other words General McChrystal get it done quickly or we are coming home. He did mention that he would re-evaluate the situation on the ground and make an assessment then. We all know how long he took in picking his White House pet. I had the same feeling this past weekend when my wife sent me out to buy the Holiday turkey. The point is that winning should be the word of the day and not these timetables to keep the fringe left on board.

This timetable issue is not only on the minds of the locals but also on the minds of our allies. Why commit their men and women when this President is not committed to winning this war. What do they tell their constituents?

Listen I support the President for making this most difficult decision of sending our men and women into harms way but he did not have to mention any type of timetable for withdrawal. The Taliban can hide in the weeds for some time and wait us out. We cannot keep taking three steps forward and two steps back.
The passion has to be there as it was with President Bush. I do not see that same passion with this current administration. God Bless Our Troops.
Please feel free to comment and tell me, where I'm I wrong?

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 This story appeared on Newsmax

Obama: 30,000 More Troops to Afghanistan by Summer

WEST POINT, N.Y. – Declaring "our security is at stake," President Barack Obama ordered an additional 30,000 U.S. troops into the long war in Afghanistan on Tuesday night, but balanced the buildup with a pledge to an impatient nation to begin withdrawing American forces in 18 months.
In a prime-time speech at the U.S. Military Academy, the president said his new policy was designed to "bring this war to a successful conclusion." The troop buildup will begin almost immediately — the first Marines will be in place by Christmas — and will cost $30 billion for the first year alone.

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  1. Let's pull out all conventional troops and send over some hard-hitting Delta Force death squads and call it a done deal.

    Seriously. Delta could handle this. It's what they do best.

    Just an observation....

  2. Good idea. We have to put the petal to the metal and just wipe them out and stop playing games. I grew up in the South Bronx and some of the gangs in the neighborhood when I was growing up were pretty rough. Get these crack heads off of the streets and send them their and kill two birds with one stone. They will be rehabilitated when they return. All jokes aside WINNING is our only option. Good day.

  3. It's a shame it took the president this long to make a move on a subject that needed his attention long ago. As you've said here, Mr. Obama was too busy working on elections around the country, rather then making the right decision. As President Bush showed with the Surge in a Iraq, this works. The surge showed immediate impact. Hopefully this gives us the same results. It's great to see Mr. Obama take a page out of President Bush's book. I am sure he wont get rediculed to no end as President Bush did when he signed off on the surge. But it worked. Was the improvement reported? Of course not. I can assure you, if this gives us the same results, you will see a far different response from the media. It reads "Obama first great achievment". I can see it now. Keep up the great work

  4. I say pull out. let a the terrorists retake it. Then when they all gather there wipe them out. I mean all the way.


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