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Monday, November 9, 2009

I received this email from a friend this morning...

On Friday, I called my cardiologist to see if he could see my son who needs to get a heart check up -- the next appointment available was is in mid December -- nevertheless, since I have been a patient of his for over 15 years, I have his cell number and contacted him directly explaining my son's situation. The doctor called me this morning at home -- first, he apologized for not getting back to me sooner and second, he told me that unfortunately, at Mt. Sinai Hospital, the new Obama health care reform system is being installed and it's very sad because now doctors are not allowed to see a certain amount of patients a day, YES PEOPLE, HE IS BEING LIMITED AS TO THE AMOUNT OF PATIENTS AND MIND YOU, THIS WAS VOTED IN YESTERDAY -- SO WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU, THIS ADMINISTRATION WAS GOING TO STICK TO US NO MATTER WHAT, ISN'T THAT AMAZING? -- YES, PEOPLE, HEALTH CARE IS GOING TO BE RATIONED -- BELIEVE IT OR NOT, I heard it from my own cardiologist at Mt. Sinai Hospital -- my cardiologist as well as many, many other doctors and health care professionals ARE NOT CONTENT/HAPPY with this new health care reform -- but SINCE THE PEOPLE, LOVELY AMERICANS DID NOT STAND UP AND PUT A STOP, WELL, RATIONED HEALTH CARE IS HERE -- hahaha -- now guess what, don't you people think that just because you have private health insurance that we are going to be any better -- HEY, WE MAY ALSO EVENTUALLY HAVE TO TAKE THAT PLAN BECAUSE MR. O AND HIS ADMINISTRATION are targeting for that -- it's only being kept quiet -- hahahahaha -- I am sooooo pissed off, nevertheless, my cardiologist said that he took an oath to help people and even if it meant that he would not get reimbursed, that he didn't care -- now that is a doctor -- but for all those who didn't take a stand -- may God have mercy on us and may we learn to confide and trust God, begin to take care of your health by proper diet and exercise, lose weight, work on fixing any health risks, get plenty of rest, take vitamins, love, get rid of anger, bitterness,resentment, don't worry, cast all anxiety upon the Lord and wait for His return cause my friends, we are heading into some serious, treacherous times.

Trusting in Him Only!

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