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Friday, November 13, 2009

Making a mockery of our courts...

Today Attorney General Eric Holder held a press conference to announce his decision to prosecute five of the 9-11 co-conspirators in our Federal Courts. He also mentioned that others will be prosecuted by a Military Commission. We now have two separate sets of Justice in our country. He explained the different factors that he took into consideration when determining who would be tried by our Department of Justice and who would be tried by the Defense Department. According to him the five being tried by our Justice Department committed crimes involving civilians while those to be tried by our Defense Department committed their crimes against our military. My friends this was an act of WAR and it belongs in the hands of a Military Commission. These animals are going to use this opportunity to spew their hate of this country and make a complete mockery of the entire process. This is outrageous.
I hate to think that these animals could get off because of some stupid technicality. It happens all the time when our courts are involved. Remember the incompetence of Judge Ito during the OJ Simpson trial? It is frightening. The rules all of a sudden change. I would think that some of the evidence which was gathered through the use of water boarding would not be admissible. These animals have already confessed to these terrorist acts. They wanted to plead guilty last December and were willing to die as martyrs for their religion. The bottom line is that we will pay the price. The only thing that will be on trial will be our country. Believe me they can find a leftist Judge out there who hates this country and is willing to put us on trial. Our interrogation techniques will be back on the news and a lot of our Government intelligence will be exposed. The State Run Media will have a feast. They will be putting the lives of those who have defended this country (CIA) in jeopardy. This will turn into a circus and a platform for these low lives to spew their rhetoric.
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  1. I agree wholeheartly! We think alike, and our blogs reflect it. If you ever want a link exchange, let me know.

  2. Thank you for posting a cogent response to BO's actions via Holder. I liked it so much I posted you on my blog along with the greats!

    Get a Clu and come over to comment some time! Love your doggies, too. Got mine at the APL this spring. You can see him on my Twitpics under getdclu. Thanks for blogging - we need say what needs to be said. Now let's vote the bozos out on their behinds! ;-)



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